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Arkansas Discovery Farms

Discovery Farms Discovery Farms Discovery Farms Discovery Farms Discovery Farms Discovery Farms

Arkansas Discovery Farms are privately owned  businesses on which water quality research is being conducted. Six Discovery Farm sites are currently established at five different locations around the state.  Three more sites are being developed. Production systems selected for study are both crop and livestock based and represent the diversity of Arkansas agriculture. The overarching goal of the Discovery Farm program is to determine the effectiveness of water and soil conservation practices utilized on working farms.

At each site, conservation practices selected for evaluation are based upon the interests and wishes of the farm owner and may coincide with regional water or soil quality issues common to many producers in the area. Research is coordinated by faculty from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and is conducted in collaboration with federal and state agencies promoting conservation of our natural resources.

The Arkansas Discovery Farm Program is supported by a host of sponsors and industry stakeholders who ensure research addresses the needs of Arkansas farmers in a proactive manner. Discovery Farms are designed to operate for five to seven years during which time water quality analysis and data reveal the effectiveness of conservation practices employed at each site.  

 five different locations around the state

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